Press release: In-depth analysis of clinical trial results shows that Smartfish’s Remune can improve physical performance in pre-cachectic lung cancer patients


Smartfish AS today announces positive outcomes following an in-depth analysis of data from a previously conducted clinical trial of RemuneTM, an oral targeted medical nutrition (TMN) supplement, in non-small-cell lung cancer patients. The results from the in-depth analysis was published today in a Letter to the Editor of Nutrition and Cancer and indicates improved physical function in pre-cachectic patients following Remune nutrition intervention.

The in-depth analysis is based on data from a previously published 12-week, double-blinded, comparator-controlled pilot study investigating the safety and tolerability profile of Remune – an oral targeted medical nutrition (TMN) supplement – in patients suffering from non-small-cell lung cancer. This patient group is exposed to an increased risk of developing cachexia, a condition characterized by involuntary weight loss, with subsequent negative impacts on clinical outcomes such as quality of life and survival. In the previously published paper, an exploratory analysis revealed that the pre-cachectic subgroup who received TMN demonstrated fewer side effects and an improved survival in comparison to the comparator group.

The novel findings from the post-hoc analysis indicate that the sub-group of pre-cachectic patients also experienced a significant improvement in physical performance, assessed by the grip strength test – a widely used method to measure forearm muscle function, which has been shown to produce fair predictions of survival in lung cancer patients. The treatment group who received Remune exhibited significantly better performance in both the dominant arm (p=0.0415) and the non-dominant arm (p=0.0146) compared to the control group. The authors conclude that these promising results warrant future studies to evaluate the effects of Remune as nutritional management in a larger population of cancer patients.

“Remune has carefully selected ingredients targeting the underlying mechanisms of cachexia. These coherent and promising results underpin that our high-quality nutritional products play a fundamental role in nutritional management of cancer. For this reason, we are looking forward to collaborating in future comprehensive research studies to further document and develop our medical nutrition products”, says Mozhgan Dorkhan, Chief Scientific Officer at Smartfish.

Remune has so far been successfully documented in two randomized, double-blinded and placebo-controlled safety and tolerability trials addressing pre-cachexia or cachexia in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or non-small-cell lung cancer.

For more information, please contact
Mozhgan Dorkhan, Chief Scientific Officer of Smartfish, +46 731474331
Geir Harstad, CEO of Smartfish, tel + 46 763151160



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