A new study sheds light on the prevalence and impact of vitamin D deficiency in critically ill cancer patients.

Vitamin D deficiency is common among cancer patients due to impaired nutritional status, avoidance of sunlight during prolonged hospitalization, cytotoxic therapy, and radiation, and Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for unfavorable outcomes following ICU treatment.

In the current study by Buchtele et al.  (1), the researchers found that severe vitamin D deficiency was an independent predictor of hospital mortality and 1-year mortality, but not of ICU mortality. The observed associations of severe vitamin D deficiency and post-ICU outcome warrants further research and clinical consideration.

The full article can be found here.


  1. Buchtele N, Lobmeyr E, Cserna J, Zauner C, Heinz G, Sengölge G, et al. Prevalence and Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency in Critically Ill Cancer Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Nutrients. 2020;13(1).



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